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These are truly monumental vintage limestone urns thought to be by Frank Lloyd Wright. Similar in style to the urns from the Darwin Martin House & the Imperial Hotel, these 3500lb plus urns are in excellent condition. Each measures out at 4ft x 4ft x 2ft h. A rare find for any Arts & Crafts or Prairie Mission style home,  garden or contemporary building project. What a spectacular fountain one of these urns would make placed in a pond or up on a pedestal!

All 3 (originally 4) were turned & carved from a single block of limestone & with a hole running throughout the whole urn for drainage.  These vintage limestone urns are the epitomy of craftsmanship.

In 1904, the Darwin Martin House (Buffalo, NY photo-LaChiusa) was constructed with  very linear lines. If you look closely at the urn from the Martin House, you can see not only the carved stacked square motif, but the subtle shadow of the drip line, so carefully carved on the underside of the urn. These urns, for sale, have those same details, as well as the urn from the Imperial Hotel (Japan 1916-23 photo-Heinz).
Now look at the Wescott House. These urns were found, in a town near the Westcott House (1904-08 Springfield, OH). Placed atop a wall in 1907, they have that same very linear design as the Wescott House. Shown is a photo of the Wescott House in 1908 without any urns. Notice that same linear design as the Martin House. But the present urns, that appear later in the 20th century, seem to be somewhat oversized. Were these urns made for the Wescott House? These limstone urns, for sale, were made with all those similar details during the same period. We have been told (by restorers) the urns at Wescott are not original. Were these urns made for the Wescott House & never used? We will probably never know. Even Talisin does not know.

We do know that these fabulous Prairie School Arts & Crafts vintage limestone urns are spectacular examples of craftsmanship. PHD's, architects, FLW fans, owner's of Frank Lloyd Wright homes & other professionals have all looked at these monumental limestone urns & come up with the same conclusion: they have to be Wright. They are not reproductions. We feel they were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright who created the whole layout & ambiance of a structure at the same time. And executed with the utmost dedication to their craft. They deserve their place of prominence in the sun!

Please contact us with any questions or comments. We offer custum crating/freight or personal direct delivery. These are truly works of art!

G Frank Lloyd Wright Limestone Urns
65,000.00 EACH

You can also call us Toll-Free at 1-888-243-6915